What Happens When We Skip Meals?

We often get in the state of mind thinking that eating less food will make us not gain weight. With clients I see, this does make sense but it is not always true. There are many issues that actually occur if we avoid food or skip meals for the purpose of weighing less.

Think about it as if we were a car. If we don’t fill our tank with fuel, our car will stop working. The same goes for if we put the wrong fuel into our car.. it will not run properly! So what happens to our bodies when we skip meals? See the list below!

Hangry-ness Happens

I am sure you’ve heard the term hangry but what actually causes this to happen? Glucose from food! When our blood sugar levels get too low, our brain reacts in a negative way. Going day after day feeling like this may even cause moodiness to continue for longer periods of time.

Causes Night Eating or Binge Eating

Skipping meals can cause a huge surge desperation to eat as much as you can later on. Overeating at night or binge eating is much more common than you think. This can also happen if we are purposely not eating enough food at each meal. It is better to have 3 balanced meals with 1 snack or eating every 3-4 hours in order to satisfy our desire to enrich our bodies with proper fuel.

Causes Exhaustion or Sluggish Feeling

Feeling dizzy, foggy, or blacking out can all be signs of hunger happening on a more extreme level. Our blood sugar dropping is the main cause of this sensation. If something like fasting appeals to you, remembering to still break your fast at the same time every day and ending meals at the same time every day will be important in order to not deplete our bodies of natural energy.

Can Cause Yo-Yo Weight Fluctuation

So you want to skip your meal to lose a few pounds, right? WRONG. Even though it sounds tempting to see a smaller number on the scale but restricting our calories can leave our bodies with a damaged metabolism. Our bodies burn calories like fuel so not having enough when our bodies need them can result in our bodies holding onto fuel if it feels there will not be enough for later on. This causes our bodies to burn through calories in an inefficient way.

Bottom Line: Skipping Meals Is Not A Good Plan

Even though skipping meals can seem appealing in order to fit into that outfit for a special event, remember that this is not going to help in the long run. To be honest, no one will even tell a difference if a few pounds are not there. It is much healthier to go about losing weight the right way by beginning with loving yourself and secondly, being prepared!

How can you help yourself stay on track?

  • Be sure to eat 3 BALANCED meals every 3-4 hours. In order to prevent our glucose levels from dropping, eating a healthy, clean, and balanced meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner will help tremendously. Try this recipe for dinner!
  • Eat a snack between lunch and dinner. Since most of us are working quite a bit in todays world, eating a snack between lunch and dinner can help keep our energy up while also not allowing our blood sugar levels to drop. I recommend eating fruit, Larabars, veggies with hummus, avocado toast with Ezekial or whole grain bread, or mixed nuts!
  • Be prepared. In order to avoid those hangry feelings, remember to pack your lunch or bring a snack if you know you’ll be gone past a meal.
  • Avoid Obsessing With Your Weight. I know this is easier said than done but your number on the scale is not the most important thing about your health. Start to focus instead on what you are fueling your body with and how you are spending your time. Instead of watching tv, go for a walk. Or instead of a plain protein shake, eat a filling smoothie with bananas, blueberries, and hemp seeds.

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