If you have been anywhere close to the internet, you know the word inflammation keeps popping up. The real question is, do you have it?

Inflammation is the direct response to injury in your body. If you have some healing to do, swelling may occur. Your body does a great job of healing itself and keeping away foreign invaders like virus or bacteria in your body. How do you know if this is actually a bad thing? Well, it isn’t! The main problem with chronic inflammation is if it is reoccurring and your body is not healing due to continued exposure of a certain bacteria or pollution. This can be in the food you are eating like meat, fish, eggs, and dairy, exposure to environmental pollution, or a genetic issue. If you are having chronic inflammation, it may be a good time to visit your doctor.

Luckily, there are foods on our planet to help protect our body and can be eaten throughout your day and week! Every person is different so finding foods that work for you is important. Rule of thumb, if you do not like it don’t eat it. Your body knows you pretty well and noticing what you don’t like is a good thing. But do try the food if it is new to you for at least a few weeks! See below the top foods to eat for anti-inflammation! 🙂

1.Berries (blueberries, strawberries, blackberries, cherries)

Even though berries are a great source of vitamins and antioxidants, they are also great for immunity! They are easy to digest and can be eaten in a variety of ways like in smoothies, oats, or straight from the garden. They contain an antioxidant called anthocyanins and help with inflammation in your body. Check out more here.

2. Broccoli

Broccoli is seriously the most nutritious food. Being low in calories, high in vitamins, and a good source of protein makes it a powerhouse food! Broccoli is also shown to reduce inflammation attack due to its source and also may have a great source in reducing heart disease and cancer.

3. Turmeric

Now turmeric is a special kind of spice. It is not everyone’s favorite but with health benefits with cases even causing less joint pain within a few weeks, this is meant to be consumed! For those that haven’t tried Indian food, they enjoy this spice in many curry dishes. Remember to add black pepper to your dish, which makes the turmeric more bioavailable in your body. If you are not up for trying this in your food, curcumin (main component of turmeric) tablets have shown major success in lowering inflammation.

4. Green Tea

Green tea has shown amazing antioxidant powers that go beyond just protecting against inflammation. Remember fresh brewed tea is always the best! Enjoying bottled tea loses a lot of its antioxidants that fresh tea carries. Green tea reduces your risk of heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and obesity. All the more reason to enjoy a cup every day!

Mainly, the antioxidant EGCG that is in green tea helps protect your body from free radicals and cardiovascular protection! Pretty amazing if you ask me.

5. Avocado

Everyone’s favorite food, the beloved avocado! Avocados are amazing due to their protection against young skin cells. Along with that, they have loads of vitamins like magnesium, potassium, fiber, and monounsaturated fats (heart healthy fat).

I would love to know what foods you are going to add into your diet or even eat more of! I personally love eating berries and broccoli but plan to add in more turmeric where I can.

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xx Hilary

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