The Top 5 Ways To Stop Overeating

Add these 5 top tips to end overeating at meal times! We can change our eating habits with practice.

There are many things we adapt from our parents growing up and one of these patterns is the way we eat. There are 5 best ways to stop overeating that involves letting go things you’ve picked up over the years.

Take Deep Breaths Before Eating

When it comes to eating, many people decide to dig right in before being aware of how they feel.

Taking a deep breath can ensure you’re paying attention to your meal and not distracted from things going on in your life. Concentrating on your meal can also help with the following steps much easier!

Turn The TV Off

This can be one of the more difficult things to practice but is so worth it when you try! For myself, I grew up with the TV on constantly and I vowed to never have it on during meals.

TVs and other screens inhibit the ability to focus on one thing sending your brain mixed messages of what is really going on, presently. This can also help us have really great conversations with children or loved ones without extra noise happening.

After Taking A Bite At Meals, Place Fork Down

Every time we take a bite, placing the fork down to focus on that bite instead of digging in for more can help us slow down. It is hard to remember to slow down so doing this action will keep yourself from eating too much food at one time.

Try this recipe out for a fun, healthy pizza! In order to get the same effect, place your pizza down with every bite. 🙂

Chew Food

Chewing food is actually the first part of our digestion! This is important to ensure your food is being broken down properly. Chewing each bite for at least 20 seconds can help ensure bloating and excess gas doesn’t occur.

This takes practice but also involves time since most people eat very fast. Slow down and take those bites!

Avoid Getting Too Hungry

For some people, this is a little harder to remember. If we are having a very active day, eating can feel very far removed or not as important. Other days can feel like it is the only thing you can think about.

If we stop to pause and remind ourselves to eat every 3-4 hours, we can keep our blood sugar levels stable, have more energy, and less of a chance to overeat later on.

Girl with brown hair eating happily

The top 5 ways to stop overeating will take practice! I hope it is useful for you when things are a bit stressful or need to make changes in your own life to end the overeating habit. Something to keep in mind is we are not perfect. It takes time to fully understand eating habits for some of us while others know exactly what to change.

I would love to hear from you!

x Hilary


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