The 5 Reasons You May Be Binge Eating


The 5 reasons you may be binge eating are sometimes more serious than we are led to believe.

It took me a long time to accept this. I knew I needed to help myself heal but eventually I had to take ownership of my life!

Back when I was struggling with binge eating, I would have never been able to pinpoint exactly why I was doing this to my body. I remember these certain people would call me out asking me why I was going to eat chips when I just ate dinner.

Was I hungry? No, I was not hungry. So why would I grab more food? There were many instances like that when I was starting to connect the dots and figure out the real reason I was binging. Below are the 5 reasons you may be binge eating.

Emotional Trauma

If there were moments in your past that have caused emotional trauma in your present life, this can be a trigger to binge eat. This was one of the biggest areas in my life that I had to face was to heal from my emotional trauma.

What does emotional trauma look like? This can be emotional or physical abuse, a loved one passing away or witnessing someone passing away, separation from a family member, bullying, or anything that was traumatic in your life. Nothing is too small. If it hurt you and still does to this day, it is time to face these painful times so you can release them.

Eating Too Much Processed Food

Eating processed food actually has a negative effect on our bodies but rarely spoken about. Processed foods contain very little fiber, nutrition, and are very addictive. This is a recipe for causing night binge eating to occur.

Certain foods are going to be more processed than others.

Processed food is anything that has been heavily changed from its original form. Food that has been baked, fried, or mechanically altered heavily is considered processed. This will include snack chips and crackers, white breads, dessert or baked goods, breakfast cereal, microwave meals, cakes, or processed cheese and lunch meats (even vegan food).

Stress or Anxiety

Stress or anxiety can crossover and cause binge eating to also occur in your life as a response or way to cope with the anxiety. There is something goes off in our brains that says “I’m stressed!” your brain tells you to get away from this situation as soon as you can.

Eating is that escape. Since we are still animals, our brain isn’t able to see that the stressful situation isn’t actually life or death like it would be in the wild so running to eat food changes the brain channel and shows that we are safe now quickly making way to relax.

This can cause binge eating tendencies because your brain is also releasing cortisol alerting your stomach that it’s time to eat even if you aren’t hungry or just ate recently.

Low Self-Esteem

As children, we were not able to see what “beauty” was as much as when we would when growing up.

The world around us shows that there could be something wrong with you if don’t look just like the women in magazines or the “prettiest” person in school. We could get made fun of for being over weight. Or our noses may not be perfect to others. Or our hair isn’t the right color, our skin isn’t right, or we don’t have nice clothes.

None of these are actual facts. They continue to repeat in our head for years and as a result make us feel inferior. We are more than this and the moment you know these are not true is the moment you can let this go.

Extreme Dieting

Many people come to me having extreme dieting tendencies but aren’t sure where to begin. They feel overwhelmed with so much to change in order to be healthy but know you can do this! This can take several months of healing and learning what is best for our bodies to feel good!

I had some pretty severe dieting going on before I decided to get healthy and eat a plant-based diet. Eating a pint of blueberries for a whole day thinking that would be healthy. I would binge later on as a result of starving myself all day and was worried I would be over weight since I did not know which foods would keep me healthy back then.

Looking back, I think I was connecting the dots which led me to helping others see those dots in their own lives.

Before learning how to make things better, it is important to learn what is causing binge eating from happening. Walk through each one of the 5 reasons you may be binge eating. Then you can write down what could be a factor in your own life that could be causing this to happen in order to get closer to your root cause.

I know that living a life with binge eating is a very secretive disorder that also takes over our lives. If you are someone who struggles with binge eating and want to speak, contact me here. You can also email me at to learn more!

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