Ten Quick Ways to Feel Amazing While Traveling

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Traveling is one of the best ways to learn more about yourself and new cultures but have you wondered how in the world you stay healthy while on the move? It is all about preparing yourself! The top ten quick ways to feel amazing while traveling are easier than you think yo incorporate. The more you think about what kinds of things you need to have in order, the more you will be willing to do what you prepared yourself for.

I have rounded up the top ten quick ways to feel amazing while traveling below!

1. Pack Your Own Meal For the Plane

This is one of may favorite things to do when flying! Most of the time, the airports are full of meals that are not the healthiest options. Many people don’t know this but you are allowed to bring a full meal through security and onto the plane! My favorite is packing salads full of veggies, clean protein, and quinoa. Check out this recipe for packing!

So why is this a good idea? Since you are eating a meal that is not full of processed ingredients that cause bloating, you will have more energy and feel good! I hear so frequently from my clients that they feel bleh after traveling and this will definitely help.

2. BYOB – aka Bring Your Own Bottle

Now even though you are not aloud to bring your water through security but bringing a stainless steel water bottle through security is fair game. Even though you could buy a water bottle at the airport, you are more likely to drink more water when you have a refillable bottle.

There are several water fountain stations set u in the US airports making this much easier than you may think. Plus, this can help the environment by using less waste!

3. Stay Hydrated While on the Plane

It can be hard to remember for some people but will help quite a bit with headaches, swelling due to air pressure changes, and feeling less groggy when landing. Depending on how long your flight is, drinking the whole bottle before landing can be a good challenge.

4. Continue Exercising When Possible

When arriving at your destination, take time to exercise when you can. The mentality of being “on vacation” doesn’t mean you should let go of your healthy habits from home. There are loads of exercise videos on YouTube, finding your hotel gym, or getting a few runs in on the beach will keep your body feeling good and easier to come back to reality when you come home.

5. Walking Everywhere

If your time allows this and the location you are visiting is on the safer side, try walking to your locations or even renting a bike while touring. You will feel more adventurous by exploring in ways you wouldn’t usually do while also moving your body.

6. Breathe

Don’t forget to check in with yourself every hour and ask yourself if you have taken a few deep breaths. This will bring automatic stress relief and feelings of self-love that are often forgotten.

This tip is good for all times of your life but adding this into your daily routine can be tricky. Vacation is the perfect time to add in this new habit if you haven’t tried this before.

Pro-tip: set an alarm on your phone every hour for breathing check-ins!

7. Cut Down on Sweets and Snacks

Most people also love to have their snacks while on vacation and while this is a fun way to immerse yourself in the culture, you don’t need to eat everything you see. I would try sharing a few desserts or snacks with the people you are with or if you really want to try a certain snack, buy it and save it for later or enjoy when you are feeling hungry.

8. Order Those Veggies!

It can be easy to forget but eating your veggies at meals is still going to help you feel good while on vacation. If vegetables or a salad don’t come with your meal, order a side to ensure you are getting all your vitamins and minerals in. This will help your energy and keep you going throughout your whole vacation too.

9. Cut Back on Alcohol

While it is okay to have a drink or two while out on your vacation, people often times have more than they even realize. A good way to drink less is by drinking water in between alcoholic beverages or ordering by the glass instead of a bottle of wine.

10. Stretch

Last but not least, stretch! This can be done upon arrival and even before leaving your hotel. Doing stretching exercises can help keep your body in tip-top shape due to sitting for long periods of time while on the road or in a plane. I like to do a few simple exercises frequently like rolling your neck, doing a forward bend, and even a few yoga moves.

Travel while also feeling healthy!

I hope these ten quick ways to feel amazing while traveling help you on your next adventure and would love to know what you think! Is there something from the list that you will do next time you’re traveling? Comment below and I will chat all about it with you!


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