Superfoods for Your Mind

I LOVE talking about how superfoods can impact your health in a positive way. Your brain is one of these organs that deserves that extra attention. Your brain is there to control literally your whole body. Your brain tells you when to breathe and to feel. It tells your heart to beat and to think your own amazing thoughts. The foods you are consuming can either be doing harm to your brain or gives your brain a healthy life! 

I have gathered the top 5 foods that you can easily add into your diet to give your brain a major boost!

1.    Blueberries

Blueberries are something a health coach has frequently in their diet, including myself. The best thing is, they are low in calories and very high in nutrients. They are high in antioxidants that fight against inflammation that contribute to your brain aging and neurodegenerative diseases. (1)

A great way to enjoy these babies are in a great oatmeal or in my favorite smoothie!

2.    Turmeric

Turmeric has been all the rage the past year, and for good reason! There is a special component that truly makes this superfood remarkable called curcumin. Curcumin directly impacts your brain cells dramatically. The following benefits include memory support, eases depression, and can help aging of your brain (2).

3.    Broccoli

Our mini-trees really do have super powers! When you eat broccoli, there are 3 components that encourage a healthy brain. The first component, Vitamin K, helps strengthen your cognitive capabilities. Second comes Choline. Choline improves memory making it easier to retain information. Folic acid is also present in broccoli which also helps keep Alzheimer’s disease at bay. I definitely eat broccoli several times a week and always feel amazing after eating broccoli. Remember to pick up organic and fresh for even better results!

4.     Raw Cacao

I am in love with raw cacao and have been eating this more often in the past few years. There are so many amazing things about this superfood but specifically for your brain, raw cacao increases blood flow to your brain and helps with brain fog. My favorite way to drink this is latte style. Add steamed almond milk, a touch of stevia, and enjoy!

5.    Walnuts

Walnuts are a great snack to have around! There are DHA omega-3 fatty acids that help protect your brain and improve cognitive performance as well. I always recommend my clients to pick up more nuts + seeds and for good reason.

I hope you enjoyed this article and can see ideas on how you can protect your brain with these superfoods! I would love to hear what you think. What are ways you protect your brain?

XX Hilary


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