Finally, take control of your eating habits! Learn tools to feel energized, lose weight, & eat smarter!

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You’re tired of constantly saying to yourself,

“When I am at xx weight, I will wear this outfit.” You know that years and years of dieting has led yourself to the exact same place of feeling good temporarily. As soon as the diet is over, you are heading straight back where you came from. Gaining the weight back, feeling defeated, and resorting back to your old habits.

You see people online at your age exercising and looking happier than you have felt lately. You want to feel that happiness and confidence instead of giving up. You want to make these changes but being so busy with work and family has given you so much less time than you’d like.

What if keeping the weight off didn’t have to be so hard?

Imagine if you finally had this weight thing figured out. You are able to walk in the room with confidence. You’ve learned tools to finally feel your best and have more energy to feel like you always wanted to feel. Your energy is at its highest and feeling happier than you ever thought you could.

Your dreams become reality knowing that the skinny outfit you always wanted to wear is now fitting like a glove. You feel motivated to continue with your habit changes since it became such an easy and attainable task!

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Weight creeps back on after your diet is over
  • You feel hungry from constantly counting calories and eating too little
  • You’re not as energized as you think you could be

I’m a health coach for busy people like you who are unhappy about their health, fearing they’ll never lose weight while still feeling energized. You’re ready to make significant health and lifestyle changes so you can lose weight and finally have control of your body. I help you map out exactly what you need to change in order to sustainably lose weight and feel your best!

As a result of this program, you’ll:

  • Learn tools to keep weight off effortlessly
  • Finally feel full without the guilt of “eating too much”
  • Feel energized to enjoy things that truly matter

This Program Includes:

8-Week Program Modules

Week 1:
Are You Actually Hungry?

Learn how to know if you are actually hungry through a science-based mindful exercise + awareness surrounding meals.

Week 2:
Seek Nutrient Dense Food, Not Calorie Restriction

It really does matter what you are eating, not just the calories you are consuming. I will teach you the power of consuming the right kinds of food!

Week 3:
Do You Need Carbs?

Carbs are not the enemy! Learn why carbs are very important for sustainable weight-loss and increased energy through plant-based foods!

Week 4:
All About Protein

Protein is an important part of your diet but eating the proper amount of protein matters quite a bit. Learn what to eat in order to feel energized and lose weight!

Week 5:
FAT – Does It Make You Fat?

Fat is not something to be avoided. This will be a great place to learn what kinds of fats do harm to your body and what will give you less inflammation and more energy.

Week 6:

Hydration is often forgotten when it comes to proper dieting. You will learn when to drink water and how much to drink depending on your activity levels!

Week 7:
Whole Foods, Not Processed Foods

Processed and whole foods is one of the most powerful lessons! Get prepared to see how much of what you are eating is actually processed and what to eat instead!

Week 8:
Put Everything Together

Put everything together on week 8! Throughout the whole program, you will learn countless tools to get you started with feeling your best. You will feel more energized, clothes fitting looser, and happy that something is working!

8-Week Worksheets

8-Week Videos

You can finally lose weight naturally by learning tools to succeed! I can help you reach your goals and enjoy the life you dreamed of having!

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