Are you ready to finally take control of your eating habits?

If you are like one of us that has tried infinite times the “perfect new diet”, year after year leading yourself to the exact same place… feeling good just temporarily and as soon as the diet is over you are heading full speed straight back where you came from. Gaining all the weight back, feeling defeated, disappointed, and resorting back to your old habits.

The main reason why these diets tend to fail is that they don’t work on the root of the problem, instead of that they just focus on making us counting calories, restricting foods, and drastically change the way we live our lives and that my friend is simply not sustainable.

What if keeping the weight off didn’t have to be so hard?

What would you do if you finally had this weight thing figured out?  We live in times where the most valuable resource is time itself, and I’m sure that we can agree that there are better things that we could be spending our life than being constantly fighting to hit a number on a scale.

Do any of these sound familiar with previous experiences?

❌ Weight creeps back on after your diet is over.

You feel hungry from constantly counting calories and eating too little.

You’re not as energized as you think you could be.


After completing the Smart Eating Class not only you are going to have learned tools to finally feel and look your best, and have more energy. But also you’re going to have a guideline to continue on this path without compromising your lifestyle. We can guarantee you that this class is designed to keep you motivated through simple and attainable weekly tasks!


After Completing Smart Eating Class! you’ll:

Learn tools to keep weight off effortlessly

Finally feel full without the guilt of “eating too much”

Feel energized to enjoy things that truly matter




Hilary Hinrichs is a professional health coach, that has worked with hundreds of successful cases of people that were looking to have significant health and lifestyle transformations.

She created the Smart Eating Class with one goal in her mind, and that was to facilitate a non-diet approach of a health program, this with the idea of making it sustainable and easily achievable for busy people. Hilary and her team will coach you through the entire program, answering any questions you have, and making sure that you have the support and accountability during the journey.

The Decision is Now!


“Smart Eating Class has helped me physically, emotionally, and made me realize where in my life I can do better. I It  gave me the confidence I needed to continue in a healthy (mental & physical) way. Truly blessed to have Hilary as my coach. Going into this, I wasn’t sure what to expect but this program far exceeded any expectations I could’ve had.”

Cristal Marcella

Holistic Hilary is a fantastic nutritionist who gave me great guidance during her Smart Eating Class program. Through using her many useful tips I managed to cut back on my sugar intake and began to explore healthier options at local delis where I usually buy my lunch. Not only is Hilary knowledgeable about a broad range of healthier options she also knows a lot about the harmful components of foods that should be avoided.

Hilary’s approach is about nourishing the entire mind, body and soul and her advice was uplifting and enabled me to reprogram my system on all levels. I highly recommend her services and am looking forward to working with her again in the near future. 

Mick Henry

“I signed up with Hilary’s Smart Eating Class and was amazed at the approach to her program. Instead of just telling me what to do, she truly cared and listened to what I had to say about my own health issues. I always left our sessions feeling so inspired and wanted to continue for another 3 months when the end came! My eating habits were out of control and I was eating all the time. I am not able to eat normal meals and not have the urge to eat later on. I have also finally managed to keep weight off without feeling guilty about eating! Thank you, Hilary.”

Ashley M



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