Should You be Avoiding Whey Protein?

Should You be avoiding whey protein? In recent years, people have been consuming more protein powders than ever before.

The scary part is, not all of them are created equally. When it comes to whey protein, the quality control and chemicals found in them has been shown to cause cancer. Not only that but rodent droppings – yes, rodent droppings – have been found in whey protein. I know what you are thinking, almost everything you eat causes cancer these days. But what if I told you there are healthier protein powders without all of these nasty side effects?

I personally do not eat protein powders very often as I like to eat my protein as food but if you exercise frequently, they are a great way to get what you need! Check out the top 3 reasons to avoid whey protein powder.

Whey protein has been shown to cause bloating and stomach cramping.

Those that have a sensitivity to dairy may be more prone to stomach cramping and bloating. There are also many added chemicals that have been found in whey proteins tested that are not on the label!

Contains high cholesterol and saturated fats that clog arteries.

Fats are not a bad thing but these two are definitely not what you want after a good workout. When searching for a healthy alternative, low saturated fat, no or very little cholesterol will be best suited for anyone.

There are many other additives that cause inflammation.

There are often added fillers and a very high amount of products added to whey that are not needed in your body. Remember to check your package and if there are tons of other items that you can’t even recognize, grab another protein powder. When it says artificial flavors, triglycerides, dicalcium phosphate, or any other strange sounding component, avoid for your health!

Have no fear! I have rounded up the top 3 protein powders that are full of healthy nutrients without the nasty side effects you are not looking for. Food is supposed to make you feel good and give you all the health you are looking for!

  1. Bob’s Red Mill Vanilla Protein Powder – This is one of the best tasting protein powders I have tried and also has loads of important amino acids and probiotics for healthy digestion.

2. Garden of Life Raw Organics – I prefer the chocolate flavor here but vanilla is also tasty!

3. Natureade Vegan Smart – Vanilla all the way with this brand!

All three of these brands are complete proteins as they have a combination of protein sources giving your body added amino acids. Which one are you going to purchase next?! I think I will purchase Bob’s Red Mill next 😀

Try adding plant protein powder to this recipe! I hope you enjoyed the article for should you be avoiding whey protein but if you are up for a new challenge, switching to a plant protein might be for you!

x Hilary


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