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Chickpea Cookies with Raspberry Sauce

Give me ALL the cookies! Even when I am eating dessert, I love a good healthy option. Finding ways to make the unhealthier options much healthier is something I always like to do and this one is definitely not lacking that delicous flavor! The chickpeas give this cookie an amzing depth that you will absolutly […]

Simple Recipe: Sriracha Marinated Beets for Poke Bowls

Poky Bowls, yes please! If you miss that flavor of delicious asian fusion cuisine, this recipe is here for the rescue. The first time I tried poke bowls was about a year ago and I felt the vegan version I tried was missing something. The marinated beets look just like fish!!! So crazy! But no […]

Simple Recipe: French Toast

Say hello to your new favorite brunch French toast. This toast is 100% plant-based and even has that egg-like texture from grounding your chia seeds! What is not to love about this? Nothing. The flavors are strong and sweet exactly how you want your sweet tooth happy. This recipe is Nostalgic Healthy Creamy Sweet Vegan […]

Simple Recipe: Green Goodness Pizza

It’s pizza time. Who can be mad about that!? When it comes to food, you should feel good after eating your meal and enjoy it too! My favorite thing to do is make a usual unhealthy meal healthified. Being plant-based means playing with your food! I have always loved pizza like every other person and […]

Simple Recipe: Sweet Potato Green Curry

I love this meal for a quick and easy weeknight meal that looks like it takes a long time to make. Before going vegan, I would have never thought to make this many tasty sauces out of loads of vegetables and spices. Every day I feel so thankful that my life has come to the […]

Simple Recipe: Detox Charcoal Hummus

Who feels like they need a detox?! When it comes to winter, the blues come to me more often and I find it harder to stay calmer when I can’t be in the sun as much as I would like to. The secret ingredient in this hummus brings out all the toxins that your body […]