Discover Your #1 Trigger For Emotional Eating & Action Steps To Heal

You’re frustrated with not being able to control yourself after dinner but you just can’t stop eating. You don’t even know a time that you didn’t feel like eating because of cravings that seem to show up almost every night like clockwork. You try to hold off from eating all day and eat as little as possible in order to combat the damage that you’ve done the night before.

You bounce from diet to diet thinking the binge eating will finally end with just one more diet. It doesn’t happen and you feel hopeless with yet another diet fail taking you right back to where you started with binge and stress eating. 

Your clothes start to get tighter again and are so fed up with yourself. You start to get angry and  have no idea what to do to keep yourself from binging. You think there is something wrong with you since people around you don’t seem to have this same issue. You feel like it would be easier to just not even start eating since starting is what makes you continue to eat too much. 

Imagine if this wasn’t an issue for you anymore…



You’re ready to get this food thing under control.

You’re eating your meals without feeling the pressure of not eating too much. Food after dinner just isn’t on your agenda anymore. You have found yourself doing things you’ve always wanted to do that does not involve being near a fridge.




You’ve given yourself permission to be happy by feeling control over your day instead of food. You feel weight coming off easily and clothes fitting much better. It’s exciting to know you have given this time for yourself to heal and feel better. Those diets are finally a thing of the past giving yourself a permanent solution that has finally worked! 

Now, with food being a part of your life in a positive way, you’re ready to get out of the house with confidence. You’re ready to meet new people and live the life you always knew was possible. You’re inviting your friends out for lunch and can eat without feeling the guilt. 


Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You keep grabbing the ice cream and eating the whole pint or eating the whole bag of chips while watching tv.
  • You dread waking up in the morning because you know you’ll feel like crap from the eating frenzy the night before.
  • You’re afraid you’ll never feel like a normal person because food is always controlling what you’ll be doing.

I help women overcome emotional eating patterns in order to keep the weight off. I’ll teach you tools to change your habits while eating a plant-based diet and learn to love yourself so you can keep the weight off for good and finally have control over your life!



Your Journey To Discovering Your #1 Trigger includes…

Emotional Eating Assignment – Before we meet, you’ll take a week to work through your first assignment! This simple questionnaire will help us get crystal clear on what you’ve been struggling to work through. With a firm foundation, we’ll be able to pinpoint exactly where your problem lies in order to heal that trigger!

Discover Your #1 Emotional Eating Trigger Session – In this 90-minute video session we’ll work through your assignment together. You’ll get clarity on your #1 emotional eating trigger so you can finally let it go and be free! By the end of our session you’ll feel hopeful, enthusiastic, and eager to finally live free from this trigger forever!

Support Materials – You’ll then receive a custom curated list of resources to help yourself stay on track during the next 2 weeks. These will be inspiring, motivational, and informative to get yourself right on track with your personalized assignment. 

Emotional Eating Trigger Follow-up – Two weeks later we’ll check in to see how you’re doing with your personalized assignment to heal your #1 emotional eating trigger. We’ll adjust your plan as needed in order to get yourself the best results. You’ll leave the session feeling brand new again and capable of doing anything you desire!

You can finally live your life without worrying when the urge to eat will happen. I can help you feel like a brand new woman so you can get on with things that truly matter in your life!

Investment – $99



Let’s Get Started

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Holistic Hilary is a fantastic nutritionist who gave me great guidance during her 3-month program. Through using her many useful tips I managed to cut back on my sugar intake and began to explore healthier options at local delis where I usually buy my lunch. Not only is Hilary knowledgeable about a broad range of healthier options she also knows a lot about the harmful components of foods that should be avoided.

Hilary’s approach is about nourishing the entire mind, body and soul and her advice was uplifting and enabled me to reprogram my system on all levels. I highly recommend her services and am looking forward to working with her again in the near future. 

-Mick Henry, Brooklyn NY


“I signed up with Hilary’s 3-month program and was amazed at the approach to her program. Instead of just telling me what to do, she truly cared and listened to what I had to say about my own health issues. I always left our sessions feeling so inspired and wanted to continue for another 3 months when the end came! My eating habits were out of control and I was eating all the time. I am not able to eat normal meals and not have the urge to eat later on. I have also finally managed to keep weight off without feeling guilty about eating! Thank you, Hilary.”

– Ashley M., Brooklyn, NY