How to Change Your Lifestyle Without Failing – Again

How to change your lifestyle without failing – again? When we get motivated to start losing weight, exercise, or any other lifestyle change, many people tend to over do it in the beginning.. That surge of energy that floods your mind when you make this decision to go for it!

We become obsessed and can’t stop the excitement that comes with weight loss. You are finally standing up to your biggest obstacles and going to the gym every day. You are finally buying blueberries instead of chips.

This all may seem like a great idea at first but the obsession soon turns into exhaustion roughly two weeks in.

Changes stop happening in your weight loss because the obsession becomes overwhelming. Why is that? We no longer want to go to the gym. We’re bored with the usual elliptical training that feels like a hamster wheel. We want to reach for those chips because blueberries don’t taste as good anymore. Then you think to yourself, next time I will do better.

Then months go by and you are right back to where you started…

Trust me, I know how this can feel. I used to be the same way in this yo-yo mentality. I always decided I would go 100% in without even thinking twice about how it would play out later on in my life. But what can you do differently to really make things last?

  • See your weight loss as a marathon, not a sprint.
  • Stop going on crash diets and start learning healthier, permanent, habits.
  • Do gradual changes instead of everything changing at once.

How to change your lifestyle without failing – again will help yourself succeed for years to come. It takes practice to get there!


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    • Robin Parr

    • 3 years ago

    Hey this was really great advice and easily digestible. Thanks for sharing, Hilary!

      • h.hinrichs

      • 3 years ago

      Hi Robin! I am so happy you enjoyed the post. 🙂

      x Hilary

    • Laredo Montoneri

    • 3 years ago

    Nice well said..!! Laredo

      • h.hinrichs

      • 3 years ago

      Thank you Laredo! I am so happy you liked it!

      x Hilary

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